Scriptroute cookie request form

This form submits a request for a Scriptroute authentication cookie. A cookie allows you to use sr-remotely.rb or the srclient library to run measurements on PlanetLab servers, and allows PlanetLab support to get in touch with you if they need reassurance that your experiment is both valuable and safe.

Use of a cookie demonstrates acceptance of the Scriptroute Acceptable Use Policy, which may be updated from time to time on the scriptroute mailing list.

I (neil) generate cookies by hand after this form sends me mail with the contents of your submission, and may be out of touch now and then.

If you just want to "play" with Scriptroute, download the code and run it on your own machine. Cookies are intended for experimenters.

Required stuff

What is your email address? This will be used as a contact address in case administrators need to get in touch with you, and is the place we'll send your cookie. Make sure it's valid.

What IP address prefix will you use as a client? This can be the main prefix for your institution, or the most specific prefix you can find that matches your client. You may list more than one, but I may send back more than one cookie (one for each machine) if you do. If doesn't have a /, it's not a prefix. Example: 128.95/16.
client prefix:

Optional stuff

The rest of this form is not required information. You may omit it if you like, but it may help us trust that what you do is valuable.

Your real name, just to introduce yourself so we can personalize any mail to you.
real name:

Your planned experiment -- what are you trying to learn about the network, and what sort of traffic do you intend to generate using which tools to what destinations. If accurate, this can prevent planetlab support from asking you later if they find something to be concerned about. We do not intend to "vet" experiments before execution, this is only to demonstrate that Scriptroute provides a useful service.